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Colour Schemes

Want to create a stunning colour scheme but don't know where to start? Be inspired by our beautiful interior schemes.

  • Cool Neutrals

    Cool Neutrals

    Creams and off whites still remain the colour of choice for many Irish homes but if you are looking to update your walls then why not try our cool neutral colour schemes?

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  • April 2012

    April 2012

    Here at Dulux, we think of April as a month of positivity. Evenings are lighter, flowers are blooming and everyone seems to be that little bit happier.

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  • Greys and Blacks

    Greys and Blacks

    One of 2012's hottest shades is Midnight Allure. This almost-black shade is in the Dulux bathrooms range and is a luxurious and indulgent shade.

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  • Pinks


    Pink is a fitting colour for the month in which Valentine's Day falls and, even if you aren't falling in love with another person, it is the ideal colour choice to help you fall in love with your home all over again.

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  • Perfect Plum

    Perfect Plum

    This month, we are celebrating a delicious plum shade as our 'colour of the month'. Dusted Plum is a beautiful new shade for 2012 and will feature in the most stylish Irish homes this season.

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  • Reds


    With the chilly December air making most of us want to hibernate, it's a great time to bring some warmth into your home using a shade from the red colour family.

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  • Creams & Off Whites

    Creams & Off Whites

    Daydream is November's hot shade. Creams and Off Whites bring a timeless elegance to any setting. Daydream is a stunning example of this and provides a stylish backdrop in both urban and country dwellings.

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  • Sunrise Yellow

    Sunrise Yellow

    This month's hot colour is Sunrise Yellow from the Light & Space range. As the days grow shorter, greyer and colder, we look to optimistic shades to brighten our homes and lift our spirits.

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  • Warm Neutrals

    Warm Neutrals

    Warm neutrals are an excellent choice for creating an inviting ambience in the home. Warm sands is the perfect choice for a look which is both on-trend and easy to live with.

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  • Persian Skies

    Persian Skies

    The colour family of the month for August is purple. The beauty of purple is that there is a shade for every taste and need. From the dusky modern shades, such as Sweet Damson, to fresher feminine shades such as Lovely Lilac, there is a shade of purple for everyone.

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  • Modern Greys Are Beautiful

    Modern Greys Are Beautiful

    Modern greys are beautiful and easy to use. They create sophisticated schemes which are on trend yet have a timeless elegance.

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  • June Blue

    June Blue

    The colour of the month for June is Blue. June is an optimistic month and deserves an optimistic shade. Summer is here, the evenings are lighter and there is no better shade to reflect this than a crisp and positive blue.

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  • Dining Room

    Dining Room

    The colour for May is pink; a cheerful colour perfect for this cheerful month, with warmer days and bright evenings.

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  • Using Yellow in the home

    Using Yellow in the home

    Yellow is such a fantastic colour to use in the home, but many of us shy away from using this inspiring colour family. This is such a shame, as Yellow comes in a variety of shades and there is a Yellow for every age, taste and style of home.

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  • Schemes to Lift your Spirits

    Schemes to Lift your Spirits

    Colour is well known for affecting moods and creating atmosphere. Have you ever walked into a restaurant or hotel, and just not enjoyed being there? Chances are it was the colour scheme and dcor that put you off the environment and created an atmosphere not conducive to relaxing and enjoying yourself.

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  • Red Carpet Glamour

    Red Carpet Glamour

    It's Oscars season so why not be inspired by some red carpet glamour and use an intense and head-turning red in your home.

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  • Stylish Greens

    Stylish Greens

    St Patrick's Day this month, it's only fitting that beautiful green in March's colour of the month.

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