Introducing Heart Wood – Dulux Colour of the Year 2018.

It’s the 15th year of Colour Futures – the trend research where we identify one hero paint colour that is relevant in homes around the world. This year’s colour is Heart Wood, a beautiful warm pink chosen by the colour specialists at Dulux Global Aesthetic Centre.

Heart Wood 4 Images

4 Ways to Use Heart Wood

Calm or cosy, energetic or relaxed – the feel of your home can be transformed by Heart Wood in different ways. Dive deeper into Dulux Colour of the Year’s four complementary colour palettes for 2018 to find the mood and style that suits you.

The Heart Wood Home

Modern Style - The Heart Wood Home

A welcome home is a Heart Wood home. This is where you feel instantly at ease, surrounded by the gentle tone of Heart Wood, a smoky warm neutral with a hint of heather. The nourishing warmth of wood and tactile comfort of leather add to the sense of harmony. Delicately textured fabrics offer a subtle contrast to smooth marble and copper and well-worn furniture sits alongside newer pieces with a geometric forms. The Heart Wood Home palette reflects this versatility, with soft cocoa flowing into earthy shades of ink blue and purple.

Heart Wood
Pine Cone
Fallen Burr
Pink Parchment

The Comforting Home

Elegant Comfort - The Comforting Home

The Comforting Home palette combines warm woods, leather, silk and velvet to create a space that you want to touch and sink into. Rich, welcoming interiors offer a restorative embrace and are filled with deep colours, such as terracotta, generously layered with textures. The Comforting Home palette encourages cocooning and re-setting- warm earth tones bring a sense of comfort, while clay and blush help calm the mind and soothe the senses.

Heart Wood
Summer Pecan
Natural Taupe 2
Fire Wood

The Inviting Home

Relaxed Family Time- The Inviting Home

The Inviting Home can be your den to snuggle in, your nest to grow in, your camp in which to create memories. Comfort and convenience reign supreme in the Inviting Home. This is effortless style where everything has a purpose. The Inviting Home palette is for those who seek to bond with the people that matter to them most. Cool shades of blue encourage clear-headed approach to life, while easy-going neutrals and sea-green support the need for connection.

Heart Wood
River Bed
Grey Splendor

The Playful Home

Playful & Dynamic- The Playful Home

The Playful Home can be your hub to recharge in, your space to create and dream in. It is above all a space for drawing inspiration from favourite musicians, authors and artists- somewhere to welcome like-minded friends. With the Playful Home palette you can create a space that is invigorating and full of life. Yellow-toned green and gold help spark the synapses and encourage a creative approach to life.

Heart Wood
Nordic Sales 2
Gooseberry Fool 1