When styling a room the Moda colour palettes makes it easy as each palette contains five colours which all go together perfectly. You can use some of the colours for painting your walls and then pick up the rest of the colours from the palette in the furnishings of the room. For instance when using the True Romance palette you may wish to use a vibrant colour such as Enamoured on a feature wall with Perfectly Greige on the other walls and pick up the other colours from the palette like Sweet Cashew in the couch colour with accessories such as rugs and cushions in Providence and Electric Lime. The palettes give you the confidence you need to perfectly co-ordinate colours in a room.

In this video from “The Good Room” which is on the RTE Player, Gaff Interiors show how to work the palette on a music memorabilia collector’s living room in Sligo. In this room the focus was on the posters which adorned the walls so the more neutral colours from the palette, Perfectly Greige and Sweet Cashew, created the perfect backdrop for the wall art with the more vibrant colours from the collection picked up in the furnishings.