Looking for colour inspiration for your child’s bedroom makeover? Try Heart Wood, it’s Dulux Colour of the Year 2018. The colour experts at our Global Aesthetic Centre have identified this as the colour of the moment, and to make it easy to use, they’ve also identified the complementary shades to pair it with. So whether you want your child’s walls to be vibrant or soothing, Heart Wood’s versatility means you can find a colour combination to suit them.

1. The wildlife children’s room

Paint your child’s bedroom in nature-inspired tones and Heart Wood

For a calming colour scheme, add wide stripes of nature-inspired blues and greens and earthy neutrals. Plants and natural wooden furnishings are easy ways to complete the soothing feeling. Great tip: use the most neutral colour behind the desk area so that you can change accessories whenever you want to.

Which colours to use?
Heart Wood
Fresh Foliage
Misty Morning
Silver Shores

2. The playful children’s room

Colourful spots in children’s bedroom

For a new design idea, try introducing splashes of colour in a soft, but subtle way; combining earthy pastels against a neutral back drop. Together these playful shades create the perfect children's room. .

Which colours to use?
Heart Wood
Drifting Cloud
Celtic Forest 2
Fresh Artichoke

3. The bright children’s room

Pair yellow and Heart Wood in your child’s bedroom

Vibrant yellow brings out the liveliness of the soft pink of Heart Wood – Dulux Colour of the Year 2018. Using Heart Wood at the bottom of the wall adds a soothing mood near the bed – ideal for sleep – while keeping the mood of the room fun and light. To complete the look, try light wood accessories, pastel bedding and don’t shy away from adding a touch of green.

Which colours to use?
Heart Wood
Cherished Gold
Golden Sands

4. The fantasy children’s room

Use Heart Wood shapes to create a fantasy child’s bedroom

Create a fun, playful room with pinks and purples. This paint palette works best by using a light base colour and then experimenting with shapes in darker, complementary colours. These easy-to-create ovals add the playful touch. Complete the look with textured fabrics.

Which colours to use?
Heart Wood
Pink Parchment
Wooded Solace