As the year comes to an end, thoughts turn to the design trends that’ll be dominating our homes in 2017.

You might have already seen a sneak peak of our Colour of the Year, Denim Drift and its lovely spectrum of supporting colour palettes but a new year means there’s also a few fresh approaches to combining colours and using them in our homes.

Read on to discover the trends and colours you need to know about.

 Trends to Try in 2017- Leafy Greens

1. Leafy greens

We’re increasingly interested in connecting with nature in our everyday lives, so what better way of getting our green fix than with this rich, foliage-inspired palette. Deep lush greens both for walls and furniture are popping up everywhere. And of course, this means plenty of greenery and indoor planting at home.

Get the look

Create the tranquil look in your home using a rich green and team with neutrals or soulful purples... Accessories wise, mirror mother nature and use natural textiles, organic materials and soft furnishings with botanical motifs.

Trends for 2017- power pastels

2. Power pastels

Sugary-sweet pastels have been given a beautifully contemporary makeover for 2017. These soft, muted shades are hotter than ever, but make sure you team them with one or two punchy bright shades to lift the palette and add a contemporary twist. Just the scheme to create a fun and playful space that works for the whole family.

Trends for 2017- tonal

3. Tonal layering

Tonal layering is when varying shades of the same colour family are used together. By exploring tone-on-tone combinations, such as the grey-blue of Denim Drift Colour of the Year, with a rich, dark blue you can create a look that has a calm and harmonious feel.

Trends to Try in 2017- Zoning

4. Flexible spaces

The boundary between work life and home life is more blurred than ever, meaning we’re needing our homes to be as multi-functional as possible. Whether your home is too short on space for a dedicated home office, or your living room doubles as a homework den on weeknights, creating fluid areas in your home with distinct functions can help you make your home work harder. Paint techniques and clever layouts can help create a space that inspires both work and play.

Trends for 2017- back to basics

5. Back to basics

Your home should be a sanctuary, somewhere you can escape to that feels calm and relaxing. In 2017 there will be a renewed focus on pale and neutral palettes, lovely tactile fabrics, and natural materials to create the feeling of getting away busy, tech-dominated lives. This versatile, neutral palette allows the textures and beautiful materials to take centre stage and stimulate the senses.

Use soft neutrals like Brume against crisp whites along the window frames and ceiling. To complete the look, add a few well-chosen and gorgeous-to-touch extras like a cashmere throw or a solid wood table.