So you’ve sparked your fireplace into action, brought out the cosy throws and lit all the candles. Now all you need to bring your cosy interior to the next level is a cleverly chosen colour scheme.

Here are eight beautiful winter warming ideas to get your home looking toasty and snug – without cranking up the central heating all the way to the top.

Winter Warmer- 1

1. Co-ordinating Pastels

A grown-up way to use pastels at home is to choose muted, toned down shades. This is also a great way to make them work for the winter months, too. The cosy living room above has used dark, smokey shade Backdrop over the fireplace to offset the playful pastels elsewhere in the scheme, add depth and make a focal point of the cosy fireplace.

Expert tip:

The best greys for cosy rooms are warm greys and greyed neutrals that have hints of pink, gold or yellow in them, such as Backdrop. This mid–tone shade gives the impression of looking light and airy without looking too cold. Pair with pastel pinks yellows such as Lipsync and Soft Hessian to complete the look.

Winter Warmer - 2

2. Turn up the heat

Have you ever wondered why you feel even cosier in the presence of red? A warm, earthy colour like this Burnt Autumn 2 tends to advance, so it appears to come forward and make spaces feel homely and comfortable.

Expert tip:

Pair a warm and toasty red with fresh white woodwork (try Ivory White) and accessories in natural wooden tones to maximise the warm and inviting mood.

Winter Warmer 3

3. Purple haze

Amaranth makes for a dramatic backdrop for any dining room. Using dark purples like this creates a cosy, intimate space for entertaining in. Harness the richness and grandeur of this deep shade by adding hints of gold or metallics, and strike a balance by offsetting them with natural, earthy hues.

Expert tip:

Painting your woodwork, dado rails and doors the same colour as your walls gives your space a contemporary look. It’ll also give your space the feeling of more space, despite the dark shade.

Winter Warmer- Green

4. Au naturel

Create a calming, restful hideaway using a palette of nature-inspired hues in your living room. Soothing green-tinted neutrals such as Mid Fennel harmonise with creamy hues such as Shale White.

Expert tip:

Take your inspiration from nature when it comes to the decorating. Pair your wall colours with earthy hues, natural wooden accessories and relaxed, soft furnishings.

Winter Warmer 5

5. Two-tone tricks

Use two similar tones in a room to create an enveloping and cocooning feel. The contemporary two-tone technique keeps things graphic and sharp while the warming pinks and reds keeps on top of cosiness.

Expert tip:

Pick your colours wisely. Using shades that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, such as pinks, reds and oranges, work well for this two-tone effect. And remember, the walls don’t have to be exactly split in half.

Winter Warmer- 6

6. Hot, hot, hot

Grey has been the colour du jour for a while now, and it isn’t going anywhere soon. One fresh way to brighten up subtle, soothing greys is by introducing an eye-popping shade of yellow. A vibrant splash of a zesty shade around a focal point such as the fireplace or an artwork will give your scheme an up-to-date twist.

Expert tip:

The best thing about grey is that it’s so versatile. A soft grey like Modernism makes for a cosy backdrop for showcasing warm and welcoming hues like yellow, coral or copper.

Winter Warmer- Hero Image

7. Purple serenity

For a magical and soulful mood, go for a bold purple such as Heather Bloom 3 on your walls. This deep, enveloping colour was made for curling up and chilling out in, instantly creating a warm, intimate ambience in the room.

Expert tip:

To make things extra cosy, surround yourself with meaningful artworks and photos on the walls with a cluster of mismatched frames that'll make you smile.

Winter Warmer 7

8. Earn your stripes

If you thought red was tricky to live with, think again. Intersperse rich reds between stripes of hot oranges, earthy browns and caramel tones for a balanced but impactful scheme that’s as cosy as it is dramatic.

Expert tip:

These shades are COLOUR, COLOUR, COLOUR AND COLOUR. Keep accessories and furnishings in the same colour family of oranges, browns and reds for a snug scheme that’s harmonious and not too busy.