“I’m bored with my home but can’t afford to move. What can I do to give it a new lease of life?”

Don’t underestimate the power of paint! More than 50% of homeowners interviewed in an AkzoNobel survey agreed that a lick of paint is the best way to bring the thrill of the new to a familiar space. Better still, it’s a budget-friendly option with easy-to-achieve, instant results.

Whether you decide to redecorate one room at a time or make a grand plan to tackle the entire property at once, here’s how paint can reignite your passion for your home.

Without Moving Kitchen Image

1. Think about function

Before you reach for the paint charts, go through each room in your home and ask yourself, firstly, what you use the room for and, secondly, whether the room’s current colour fits that function. If not, think carefully about the atmosphere and function you would like that room to have, and choose your colours accordingly.

For example, if your kitchen has cream walls but what you actually want is something with a bit more colour, why not switch your neutral for an uplifting blue like Steel Symphony 3?

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2. Swap things around

Why not take things a step further and consider swapping the function of two different rooms?

For example, if your dining room gets the best sun in the house, why not switch it with your living room? This will give you a lovely light-filled living room, while the dining room, which generally gets used in the evening, will sit quite happily in a darker part of the house.

Make sure you paint the rooms to suit both their function and the amount of light they get. Whistler Green is a beautiful shade for a bright, inviting living room, while mid neutrals such Brume and Ha’Penny Grey are a welcoming, opulent choice for a dining room.

Without Moving Bookshelves

3. Dare to be bold

Muted tones are eternally popular, but bold colours are a sure-fire way to inject some oomph into a tired-looking decorating scheme.

If you’d like to brighten up your home but are wary of going all-out in one go, give bold tones a trial run in a room that doesn’t get much use – cloakrooms are great for this, as they’re small and are only used for a few minutes at a time.

If you don’t have a small room to experiment in, try painting a single feature wall, or the wall behind built-in shelves with Inky pool 2 for a more subtly vibrant look.

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4. Tie everything together

When you’ve lived somewhere for a long time, it’s easy to accumulate things that don’t necessarily go together. Take stock of what you’ve got, pick out the items you really love and then use these as the basis for your new decorating scheme.

If you have a coral vase, for example, why not use it as the starting point for a sophisticated tonal scheme, with Sicilian Summer4 on the walls and punches of pink in a variety of shades in your soft furnishings and accessories?

Want a sneak preview of how your home will look in its fresh new colours? Get an instant digital impression of your scheme using the Dulux Visualizer app.

Happy Decorating!