Wish you could be braver with your colour choices? You’re in luck: our statement colours from The Signature Collection have been carefully selected to work seamlessly with the neutral tones in the collection.

As a general rule, when painting full walls with a statement colour it is best to veer on the side of chalky muted tones like Implosion, Fine Line or Upgreyed. If you’re after a more daring look, try painting smaller spaces such as your alcoves, chairs or even a feature stripe in more vivid tones like Green Eggs and Ham, Tokyo Flag or Duvet Day.

If you have mostly neutral furnishings like a sofa, kitchen cabinets or tiles, pair a mid-toned neutral to pair with your statement shade. This will allow these key investment pieces and your statement shade to truly shine. If your home is lacking in light or has darker furnishings then add light back into the room with mirrors, white woodwork and soft neutral tones on the remaining walls.

Featured colours