Thinking of giving away that old dresser or bookshelf? It’s time to rethink the situation and show it some love with some paint colours!

From painted furniture to painted kitchens, recessionista chic is here to stay with many of us seeing the amazing results that can be achieved with a little paint colour. With a coat of Dulux Super Grip Primer many of the more difficult surfaces can be easily transformed with a modern touch of Satinwood or Eggshell paint. For traditional wood surfaces a coat of Satinwood is all that is required to transform old to new.

Why not go bold with painted furniture such as a dressers or chairs and paint them in one of our Signature statement colours such as Atomic Orange or Fine Line? Painted kitchens however will stand the test of time when painted with one of our timeless Dulux colours such as Subtle Cinder.

Featured colours