Mineral Glow

Moda 2017 article- Mineral Glow

Mineral Glow is a striking palette inspired by nature’s mineral hues including anthracite, copper and gold. Neither too warm nor too cold, these colours create a very contemporary look. Find your dark side and play with bold combinations of Gatsby Blue and glamorous Tilbury Teal teamed with the pale and wispy French Mists to create a look full of depth.

Top Tip

Team the Mineral Glow palette with metallics including copper and gold accessories to complete the look.

Him & Her

Moda article 2017 Him & Her Hero

The Him & Her chic aesthetic goes against the grain by working masculine and feminine colour personas into an interior look that tells a story. Dark and dominant shades such as Amaranth and Backdrop contrast with the soft pink of Foxglove along with Winter Truffle and Pale Mink hues. Introduce masculine and feminine nuances through accessories and prized possessions.

Top Tip

Mix dark and dominant textures such as buttoned leather with feminine touches including pinks and mink colours.

Subtle Glamour

Moda article 2017- Subtle Glamour Hero image

Subtle Glamour is an alluring contemporary palette which pays homage to Hollywood glamour from the 20s and 30s. Be inspired by Gatsby style interiors by introducing a little bit of drama and sophistication to your home.

To embrace this style in all it’s opulence opt for buttoned sofas, plush fabrics, gold accents, statement classical design pieces along with soft blush paint tones. Soft pastel pink Lipsync and Frosted Fig gently contrast with Crème Brulee to create a truly elegant scheme.

Top Tip

Work Almendra or Frosted Fig with interiors pieces in warm caramel tones to complete this subtle sophisticated look.

Coastal Calm

Moda article 17 Coastal Calm

Restful and carefree as a lazy beach haven, this palette brings tranquility and subtlety to your home. These nature-inspired shades have a warm, balmy glow with washed-down tones foraged from the sands, a foamy tide or a weather-worn pebble.

Top Tip

Create your own coastal oasis by working Robin Egg with soft Renaissance, introducing Salinger’s warm tones through accessories.

True Romance

Moda 2017 Article - True Romance Image

Introduce romance into your home with the seductive True Romance palette featuring passionate pink, zesty greens and staple proof neutrals. Set the mood by working Enamoured pink with Soft Providence green, balancing these feature colours with Perfectly Greige, or Sweet Cashew.

Create a romantic glow by indulging your home with soft feminine touches including soft tactile faux furs, piles of comfy cushions and soft seductive lighting to create this inviting look. Depending on how far you want to take that romantic feel, this playful look can also be worked both subtly and dramatically.

Top Tip

Opt for Providence soft green contrasting it with a nod to Enamoured Pink. Perfectly Greige and Sweet Cashew balance these dramatic shades perfectly.

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