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Colour Drenching Starts Here: How to Try The Trend

With Dulux Easycare colours, you can turn any space into your happy place with a simple lick of paint. No matter the room you’re decorating, whether it’s a large living room or narrow hallway, we’re here to help you create spaces full of joy and feeling.

Colour drenching is the latest interior design trend that’s putting a smile on the faces of homeowners. As the name suggests, it’s when you soak a room’s walls and woodwork, or even the ceiling and radiators, in the same shade.

While it might sound like a dramatic trend to follow, it could make your colour choices simpler. After all, you only need to settle on one shade that truly speaks to you and shows off your personality. Colour-drenched walls are a great way to keep things minimal, but also help you inject character and feeling into a space.

If you want to try the trend in your home, try the four new palettes in the Dulux Easycare range. From bold purples to uplifting yellows to calming blues, changing your home has never been easier.

Colour drenching with the Uplifting palette


Painting your whole space in a joyful shade like Honey Nut will make you feel like you’re walking on sunshine. Even if it’s pouring outside, you’ll be in a summer haze with your newly painted sun-drenched walls and woodwork.


Colour drenching with the Adventure palette


Darker colours are made for colour drenching. If you really want to make a bold statement, drench your space in Decadent Damson. This deep, dramatic purple is impactful and alluring, creating a wondrous cocoon of colour.

Colour drenching with the Escapism palette


When you soak your walls and woodwork in calming shades of blue and green, you’ll feel a sense of tranquillity wash over you. Rich Teal is a great choice, an easy breezy shade that takes you away from it all.


Colour drenching with the Exhilaration palette


It can be exciting trying new interior trends in your own home. So why not choose a thrilling colour to match? Painting everything in Collins Green, a lively, nature-inspired, will energise the room and help you let loose!

And why stop at paint? Fully embrace the trend, by layering your colour-drenched room with furniture, accessories and fixtures that match your chosen shade. See how far you can take it!

Explore even more colour and possibility with the Dulux Easycare range. Change Starts Here.

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