17 Signs Xmas is here HERO
17 signs XMAS is her HERO

17 Signs Christmas Has Well and Truly Arrived at Home

Pine needles in your carpet? Fridge full? Then it must be Christmas…

As much as we love Christmas, there’s a whole heap of very particular predicaments that occur in our homes during this festive period. How many of these apply to you?

  1. There’s pine needles everywhere. Embedded in the carpet, behind the back of the sofa, in your slippers…

  2. Your fridge is literally about to burst, stocked high with brandy butter, double cream, sprouts and more cream.

  3. Ditto the freezer.

  4. The garage has become the ‘overflow’ room for your supply of soft drinks, beers, tonic water and all those other things you overbought on ‘just in case’. Because heaven forbid you run out of that special brand of cider your auntie’s partial to.

  5. You have a fresh bottle of sherry in your drinks cabinet. You don’t even like sherry.

  6. You are listening to Xmas FM on the radio.

  7. All large jugs and cooking vessels are being used to brew mulled wine, making preparing the vast quantities of food even more challenging.

  8. It’s Friday evening and you’re inexplicably watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

  9. Mariah Carey has been stuck in your head for two weeks straight.

  10. You find yourself explaining to your small children that it just isn’t practical to install 5,000 fairy lights on the roof for a month, and that the people down the road clearly have far too much time on their hands.

  11. You’re rearranging the nativity scene for the fifth time in 24 hours, because someone thinks it’s hilarious to put the donkey in the manger.

  12. You’re using the word “wreath”.

  13. You’re stressing about things you never normally give two figs about (pun intended), such as whether you have enough matching napkins.

  14. You have started bulk buying satsumas and nuts in their shells. Then arranging them in bowls all over the house. You don’t know why, but it feels ‘right’ for some reason.

  15. You’ve turned into your mother/father without even realising it.

  16. Your biscuit tin has had an upgrade. So long, plain digestive, hello luxury biscuit covered in three types of chocolate.

  17. You’ve scoured the house at least three times to try and scrape together enough chairs for Christmas lunch. You’ve reverted to bringing in the garden furniture for your youngest to sit on.

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