DIY Hacks
DIY Hacks

4 New Uses for Old Things

DIY hacks that give old things a surprising new lease of life.

From elastic bands to can tops, here are a few DIY Hacks and little tricks to try with everyday bits and pieces that'll upcycle your home.

1. Elastic Fantastic

Avoid the flakey dried paint on the edge of the tin by wrapping an elastic band around it and wiping the excess paint on the brush across the elastic.

2. Keep Your Tabs

Maximise your closet space… with the lid tabs on your drink cans! Loop the tab through a clothes hanger and then loop a second hanger through the second hole. Voila! This will create extra space between your outfits.

3. Old Tyres

An old, spare tyre hiding in your garage can be upcycled into a beautiful ottoman to perch upon in your living room. All you need is some thick rope, nylon rope, scissors and glue. Follow this handy step-by-step guide.

4. Belt Up

Have a few leather belts that never see the light of day? We thought so. Upcycle them and make your circular mirror look on trend with a leather belt strap to hang it from. Follow Ikea Hacker's easy-as-pie how to guide.

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