7 Ways to Baby Proof Your Home in Style
7 Ways to Baby Proof Your Home in Style

7 Ways to Baby-proof Your Home in Style

Yes, it is possible to make your space child-friendly and chic.

It’s happening. The crawling stage is upon us. Your little one is on their hands and knees and ready to explore, which means you need your abode to be baby-proof, pronto. Here are a few stylish solutions, from washable walls to fun fireplace solutions. Just put those nicer things out of reach…

1. Washable Walls

Dulux Easycare Paint is 20x tougher than regular paint, and its diamond touch formulation means it can endure a scrub without any colour washing off – ideal for rubbing off any fingerprints and mess.

2. Multi-tasking, Stylish Furniture

Ottomans and footstools are great multi-tasking furniture pieces for bedrooms and living spaces, but take it a step further with a witty themed design like this vibrant Soft Crochet Apple by Anne-Claire Petit (£157 at Amara), also available in pear or mushroom versions. If you'll be using your footstool in your living space, you might want a more neutral alternative, so try Mark's & Spencer Knitted Pouffe (£89). Add a few floor cushions and you've got your very own soft play area – hours of fun!

3. Cordless Glow

No cords. No problem. The FatBoy Wireless Table Lamp is beautifully minimalist and is both portable and tough, robust enough even for the more curious of tots to get their hands on.

4. Rustic additions

This [Barn Door Baby Gate] (http://www.lesleywgraham.com/2013/09/barn-door-stair-gate.html) adds a farmhouse twist to any household. Follow the step by step tutorial from Remodelaholic.

5. Play With Fire

When your fire's not in use, child-proof the fireplace with a removable sheet of MDF painted in blackboard paint using Blackboard Paint. Follow The Wise Baby’s step-by-step guide, or instead cover that gaping hole with a faux log stack fireplace façade.

6. Rugrat

Large rugs are your friends. It’s okay to keep that beautiful Persian rug laid out. They’re built for sturdiness, so can stay intact even with toddlers running havoc. Just remember to add the anti-slip underlay, (£2.50).

7. Space-saving Seater

For your dinner table, breakfast bar, to hide away, to take with you to a restaurant… The Lobster Portable High Chair is discrete and safe.

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