xmas wrapping image 4
xmas wrapping image 4

7 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sometimes the outside counts as much as the inside – at least in this case – out-do your present with 7 different wrapping tricks.

What's more irresistible than a present wrapped up perfectly under a Christmas Tree? A perfectly personalised packaging. We've rounded up our favourite and most creative DIY ideas that'll make your loved ones' gift gleam under the Christmas Tree. Signed, sealed, delivered.

Xmas Wrapping 1
XMAS wrapping 1

1. Bead Wrapping

Forget markers and pens for a minute and bring in the lettered beads like Maria does from Sköna Hem (left). What’s the bonus? An extra gift - her new favourite bracelet.

2. Package Wrapping

Layering two pieces of kraft paper together like Country Living (right) do will get you far this Christmas – and choosing your preferred shape is ideal. Perfect trick to let a someone special know that they’re a star!

Xmas Wrapping image 2
Xmas Wrapping Image 2

3. Interactive Wrapping

Beautifully presented, equally creative and interactive (left), Lines Across shows us three appealing wrapping ideas tailored for kids. Always wanted to keep them calm during Christmas dinner? This may be your lucky year!

4. Gift Toppers Wrapping

If you need to save time in the wrapping process, or you just don’t have the patience – this idea from Creature Comforts Blog is an easy alternative (right). Buy a ready made box and decorate the outside with Christmas decorations. It’s as easy as it sounds!

Xmas Wrapping image 3
XMAS wrapping image 3

5. Nature Wrapping

Bring the outdoors...onto your pressies by making use of the natural Christmas surroundings like Snappy Pixels do (left). Using pines and fir to adorn your presents is as Christmassy as it can get. And a perfect wrapping idea for your parents or in-laws.

xmas wrapping image 4
xmas wrapping image 4

6. 3D magic

Bring a dash of colour to recycled kraft paper like Country Living do (left). Top it off with pom-poms or a ‘candy-cane sleigh’. Wrapping like you’ve never seen before!

7. Splatter Wrapping

A typographic gift topper is a great way to personalise your gift for your design savvy friend – create and decorate cardboard letters with glitter and colour. Spell out their name or a cute Christmas message or just use one letter (right). It’s so impressive that the present won’t even matter! Check out Brittni from Curbly's step-by-step guide for an incredibly easy guide.

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