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How to paint a wooden door with Dulux AquaMax

If you’re ready to max your makeover, we’re here to help you get started. Scroll for our expert tips on painting interior doors, how to prep a door for painting and the steps to follow if you want to achieve a flawless finish, without calling in the professionals.


What do you need for painting a wood door?


  • Dust sheet
  • Masking tape
  • Sandpaper
  • Soft cloth and bucket
  • Synthetic-bristle paint brush
  • A tin of Dulux AquaMax Undercoat


Step 1 – prep the area

Clear the area of any furniture or belongings and lay a dust sheet down to protect the flooring. Remove the door handle and mask off the hinges. Next, clean the door with a sugar soap surface and rinse off with water. When dry, sand the surface and dust off. 


Step 2 – do you need primer?

To ensure a smooth finish, it’s a good idea to dampen the door’s surface with a cloth and clean water. Then comes the fun part – you can start applying Dulux AquaMax Satinwood to the door. But remember, if your door hasn’t been painted before, you’ll need to apply a primer and Dulux AquaMax Undercoat.  


Step 3 – start painting! 

Using a synthetic-bristle brush, apply your first coat of Dulux AquaMax Satinwood. It’s best to paint your door panels and moulding first, then tackle the rest of the door. Make sure you apply your paint strokes in the same direction, so you’re not left with brush marks.  


Step 4 – finish up 

Allow the first coat to dry, then apply the second coat. Once that’s fully dry, you can remove the tape from the hinges and re-attach the door handle. 


Step 5 – max your makeover

Admiring your handy work? For a complete fresh look and feel, use Dulux AquaMax for painting skirting boards or painting radiators too. Wood or metal, this water-based paint goes on so smoothly for a gorgeous finish that dries quickly. 

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