Dulux Easycare Kids

Capturing the right mood in nurseries and children’s rooms

Easycare colours your kids will love for years to come
Consider colours that grow with your children. If you are decorating and want your colour scheme to last a few years, choose colours that look great in a nursery as well as a teen’s bedroom. 

Easycare Kids offers you a collection of select colours chosen with kids in mind, so you have the tools to create the perfect ambiance. As a nursery is the first room that your baby will spend time in, consider colours that are soothing and relaxing.

Subtle neutrals like Stork Feather and First Cuddle are great choices as are lavenders and pinks such as Delicate Pink and Purple Pop. You can always add more colour with cushions, paintings, rugs and throws.

If you want more gender-neutral shades, opt for Rainbow Dash or Green Fizz. These versatile colours can be teamed with great base colours like First Cuddle or Stork Feather. Together they give your little one an interesting palette to observe, which will help stimulate their curiosity. 

Dulux Easycare Kids

As children grow up, the rooms they spend time in become more multifunctional.  Bedrooms are not just places for sleeping and relaxing anymore but also spaces for playing with siblings, doing their homework and hanging out with friends.

Decorating different areas of their rooms in different ways helps them identify zones where they can enjoy their favourite activities. Creating a feature wall or painting stripes or circles with roller testers to zone part of their room gives them dedicated spaces for reading or drawing. 

Dulux Easycare Kids

Updating the look in their bedroom can be as easy as decorating a bookshelf a different colour. County Blue looks great on and below this shelf pictured here with Stork Feather above. If you’re feeling really creative, you can paint a rainbow mural. Our YouTube channel offers some helpful tips on how to create the perfect rainbow in your child’s room.

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