Best Friends for Frosting
Best Friends for Frosting

DIY Faves: Best Friends for Frosting

Want tricks and tips for daily creative living plus lashings of DIY inspiration and advice? Here’s our one-stop site. Best friends forever.

What is it? California-based Melissa Johnson’s website is like a dose of sunshine, offering inspiring ideas and handy DIY tips for stylish living. Her team updates daily with hand-picked content; from recipes and DIY trends to lifestyle gurus giving tours of their offices and, of course, plenty of meaningful, motivational quotes.

What’s the Style? Chatty, light-hearted, fun-loving and inspiring. Their motto is ‘live out loud’.

Why do we love it? It’s our daily hit of creative inspiration, trend research and DIY ideas with plenty of real-life tips that are easy and fun to try. We’re currently big fans of ‘4 easy ways to spruce up your space’ as well as being smitten with the Office Tours section. It provides a sneak peek into some of the most stylish working spaces we’ve ever seen.

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