Make a good first impression by painting your front door in smart, inviting colours.

Makeover your front door with classic colour

Make a good first impression with a fabulous front door.

You don't need to paint the entire exterior of your home to make a statement. In fact, few features have the potential to make an instant impact like your front door. The best colour for your door depends a lot on the style of your house, so before you start dreaming of a glossy new entranceway, take note of the style of the door, along with the woodwork that frames it.

If you have a Victorian-era home with an old, solid door, classic colours painted in a high gloss finish like navy blue, rich red or claret will help you create a polished period style. Traditional homes generally suit nature-inspired hues like warm muted olive greens or blue greys while modern façades, like the home pictured, look fabulous dressed in more contemporary shades such as deep greys, warm teals or rich aubergine tones. Complete the look with freshly painted masonry in a crisp, classic colour, like Jasmine White or Sandstone from the Weathershield Exterior Masonry range.

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