MODA Peony Rose

Restyle your home effortlessly with MODA

Channel your inner designer with five new capsule collections inspired by interior design trends.

MODA is the essence of luxury offering you new capsule collections designed to match your personal style. Inspired by interior design trends, these five colour palettes are perfectly balanced to bring harmony to your home and work beautifully across different rooms. 

Picture any of these captivating colour schemes with the Dulux Visualizer App to appreciate each cohesive look. Love what you see? Buy MODA roller testers online and try this new colour arrangement in real life.

Atlantic Dune

MODA Collins Green

Inspired by swaying sea grass and waves breaking on a pebble beach, this palette brings you the ambiance of a coastal sunset. Perfect for creating relaxing interiors whether it is your culinary haven or reading room. 

Which Colours?

Collins Green 

Midnight Dream

MODA Peony Rose & Almendra

Design enchanting interiors that convey a sense of fantasy. An elegant palette that is comforting to the eye, Midnight Dream has a unique character that creates soothing spaces where you want to linger.

Which Colours?

Bottom Wall Almendra

Main Wall Peony Rose 

Romance Blossoms

MODA Lipsync

Fall in love with whimsical pastels that enrapture your senses. Perfect for making the heart of your home a heavenly place to be. These warm neutrals come together to create a sweet backdrop for your life.

Which Colours? 

Top Wall Lipsync

Lower Wall True Fiction

Pure Chemistry

MODA Robin Egg

Discover colours that make a real connection. Perfectly balanced to capture the magnetism of attraction, this palette harmonises bedrooms and living rooms, making them spaces that entice you in.

Which Colour?

Robin Egg

Wild Elements 

MODA Backdrop,  Retro Rust  Tilbury Teal

Your interiors become a force of nature with this bold palette. Ideal for any living space, these five colours give your home natural confidence. Accentuate feature walls or your favourite soft furnishings with this charismatic theme.

Which Colours?

Walls Backdrop

Chair Tilbury Teal

Lamps Retro Rust 

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