Create a contemporary bedroom that a teenager won’t outgrow. Use warm, neutral paint colours as a backdrop for accessories that show their personality.
The perfect teenage bedroom

The perfect teenage bedroom

Discover how to create a space a teenager won't outgrow.

Be unique

Far from being bland and boring, neutrals create an ideal backdrop for teenagers to stamp their personality. As they grow up, a neutral palette allows them to adapt the look and feel of their bedroom by changing wall art and soft furnishings to reflect their age, interests and passions.

Rule breakers

This contemporary bedroom avoids bright colours that can be easily outgrown and instead pairs together two warm neutrals, duck egg and taupe. The subtle palette is the perfect blank canvas for displaying photos, posters and pages torn from magazines, as well as showcasing interesting patterns and textures in cushions, rugs and bed linen.

Spice it up

Neutrals can be spiced up by contrasting them with splashes of an accent colour. You might like to try combining duck egg and taupe with a hit of deep orange or canary yellow in an item of furniture, such as a bedside lamp or desk chair.

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