Colour of the Year 2015
Copper Blush Alcove

Trick to Try: Copper Blush Alcove

A quick update with our Colour of the Year is all it takes to make your room glow.

Copper Alcove - Before shot
Copper Alcove - Before shot

Up for a little DIY next weekend? The smallest of updates can go a long way to changing the look and feel of your space - and you've got to admit, completing a project you've done all by yourself is pretty satisfying.

If you've got a shelf or a recess that's looking a bit lack-lustre, reclaim it by giving it a smart make-over with a lick of paint. Take a leaf from Rebecca Williamson, our senior colour and design manager's book and be inspired by her mini-project...

What was the motivation behind your project?

'I’ve just relocated to the countryside from the big smoke so I wanted to put my own stamp on our new place starting with a slightly smaller project as I get used to the space. The original lime shade didn’t seem to complement our style or work particularly well with the other fixtures and fittings so I knew it was the first thing to be transformed.'

Tell us about your choice of colour...

'I really wanted a colour which would breathe warmth into this space. Having been addicted to copper metallics for the past 18 months, I've accumulated many accessories which set off Copper Blush beautifully as well as working well with my favourite accent colour, coral.'

How long did it take to do from start to finish?

'It was really quick! About an hour's painting time with 2 coats (plus drying time in between).'

What do you like best about the finished look?

'This small colour update has completely changed the light in this space, adding much more warmth and earthiness which feels more in keeping with the style of the property (being a barn conversion,) but still with a contemporary edge. What I love most is that it really feels like my own little corner in our house for me to work within and to display all my favourite things that inspire me each day.'

Fancy having a go yourself? Here's how...

Get all equipment ready and to hand including your paint (a 250ml tester pot is plenty for a project this size), cloth, paint brush for the edges, mini roller and tray, low tack masking tape and old newspaper.

Wipe down the wall you are preparing to paint, removing any loose debris on the surface.

Mask off the edges where the new colour meets the surrounding wall for beautifully crisp edges and lay newspaper on any surfaces which might catch drips.

4. Fill in with 2 coats with edging brush and mini roller, allowing drying time in between (a good time for a well-earned cuppa too!)

Finish off with a selection of fun accessories like other metallics, accent hues of coral, mint or teal then sit back and admire your handy work.

Best of luck!

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