Halloween Hero
Halloween Hero

Trick to Try: DIY Halloween Decorations

Painted pumpkins, horrible height charts and wicked spider web table cloths; three Halloween hacks with style.

Hosting a Halloween party this year? If the answer's yes, you're in luck, as we've got a few tricks that'll make your home look a treat. And if the answer's no? Well, you might reconsider once you see how devilishly simple and scare-mongering these DIY decorations are…

Painted Pumpkins
Painted Pumpkins

Painted pumpkins

Whether you pick weird and wonderful shades such as purple, black and green for a surreal and look, or go subtle and stylish with muted pastels or autumnal hues, this simple DIY project is quicker, easier and less hazardous than pumpkin carving. Arrange in groups along windowsills, or group together on the table for a spooky centrepiece.

You will need:

Various sized pumpkins and gourds

A selection of tester pots

A medium-sized paint brush

A small artist's brush for details (optional)


  1. Stand your pumpkin upside-down so that it's resting on its stalk, then paint with your chosen shade. Leave to dry.

  2. Flip over and paint the top of your pumpkin, giving the sides a second coat. Allow to dry.

  3. If you're feeling even more creative, choose a contrasting colour and paint spots or stripes on your pumpkin.

Spiderweb Tablecloth
Spiderweb Tablecloth

Spider web tablecloth

Create a table worthy of the scariest House of Horrors with this cobweb tablecloth project – it's frightfully easy to do.

You will need:

A tester pot of black paint

A small roller

A seagrass placemat

A foam placemat or circular piece of thick cardboard roughly the same size as your placemat

Insulation tape (self adhesive)

Pair of scissors

Masking tape

An old sheet or paper to decorate


  1. Create a spiders web on the foam placemat or cardboard using some self adhesive insulation tape.

  2. Coat your wicker placement with the black paint using the roller.

  3. Pull your sheet or paper taught, and secure to a flat surface with masking tape.

  4. Press the painted surface down onto your sheet and carefully peel off.

  5. Paint your foam mat with black paint using the roller, then press directly on top of the circular pattern the seagrass placemat has left on your sheet.

Monster Height
Monster Height

Monster height chart

See where party guests measure up with a fun Halloween height chart – from little ghouls to zombies and Frankenstine's monsters, not even the grown-ups will be able to resist joining in.

You will need:

An old plank of wood

4 colours of paint (or more for more heights!)

Medium paint brushes



  1. Starting from the bottom and working upwards, paint your plank of wood in sections, using a different colour for each one.

  2. Water down your paint colours by slowing adding a few drops of water to a little paint and stirring until it has the consistency of double cream.

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