Adding Colour to kitchens
Adding Colour to kitchens

Want to update a white kitchen? Here are the Dulux tips on how

Don’t put up with bland! Give your home some personality with some great tips from Dulux. They're easy and will take next to no time.

Bright and timeless, white still remains the colour of choice for many of our kitchens. But, fear not, there are still plenty of ways to turn your space from drab to fab in next to no time!

The most obvious place to start is changing your splashback with something brighter. Make sure to give the walls a good clean first as kitchen walls will often gather dirt & grease over time. If the area is tiled fear not, you can still paint! Just start by applying Dulux Super Grip Primer and, once dry, paint away.

Also, if you’re neat enough (be honest now!) you could remove cabinet doors to reveal your most colourful crockery. The neutral cabinets will work as the perfect complement to a bold collection. You could even paint the back of the cupboards with a bold versatile colour like Russian Velvet 4 (get your local paint specialist to mix the colour in Dulux Satinwood) to add more interest and bring a pop of colour into the hub of your home.

If after all that you still want to go bolder, you could give your cabinets a completely fresh look with Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood. It's a waterbased paint so is low odour and can achieve the transformation in double quick time. For a step by step guide on painting your cabinets, just click here.

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