How to Decorate North & South-Facing Rooms
How to Decorate North & South-Facing Rooms

How to Decorate North & South-Facing Rooms

Whether your room faces north, south, east or west, we’ve got a colour to bring out the best of your space.

The natural light a room receives has a huge effect on colour. So, to find the right shade for your space, first of all, find out what your room’s orientation is, i.e, whether it’s north, south, east or west-facing. Then it’s time for the fun part – picking a colour. Here are our suggestions to help point you in the right direction. But remember, there are no rules – choose a colour that you love above everything else.

South-facing rooms

Got a south-facing room? Lucky you. Spaces that face south enjoy strong clear natural light, so all colours work well. However, cool shades such as blue, green and violet balance the intensity of sunlight. These shades can help you achieve a tranquil and breezy atmosphere in even the brightest rooms. This also goes for greys and whites too – those that contain hints of blue, green and violet will ensure the room doesn’t feel too ‘hot’ without adding strong colour.

Colours to try: Pearl Green, Dapple Grey, Pale Peacock, Rock Salt, Clouded Pearl 1

North-facing rooms

North-facing rooms have a cooler natural light, and generally less of it, so can sometimes feel a little dark and cold. But don’t worry! There are lots of ways to maximise your space. These spaces benefit from warmer shades like pink, gold and yellow tones. The colours can help you achieve a cosy, welcoming atmosphere even in rooms that are lacking in that warm glow of sunshine. Greys and whites that contain hints of pink, gold and yellow will add a more subtle warmth to your space.

Colours to try: RichTaupe, Avant Garde, Light Terracotta, Porcelain, Jasmine White

East and west-facing rooms

East-facing rooms will have natural light in the morning, whereas west-facing rooms benefit from natural light in the early evening. These rooms take some extra consideration when picking colours. If the room is east-facing and mainly used in the morning or west facing and mainly used in the evening then cooler colours containing hints of blue, green and violet will help balance the intensity of the sunlight.

If the room is used during times when the natural light is restricted, consider the type of artificial light being used. Low energy compact fluorescent bulbs cast a cool violet and pink light which can make subtle neutrals and tints look washed out. Warm LED and Halogen bulbs are good for all colours.

Colours to try: Gatehouse, Robin Egg, Silverwood, Foxglove, Mid Shadow, Delicate Willow

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