Discover the MODA Wild Elements capsule collection 


Inspired by the natural balance of energy, these colours make any room a pleasure to lounge in. Give your home natural confidence and create harmonious living spaces with Tilbury Teal, Retro Rust, Backdrop, Renaissance and Truest Grey. This luxury collection captivates with its zest for life and is ready to transform kitchens, home offices and living rooms. One of five new exquisite colour palettes from MODA creating intriguing spaces throughout the home. 


Bring interiors to life

Tilbury Teal can make house plants green with envy. This bold blue-green hue is ideal for open plan or snug interiors and looks great paired with Retro Rust, a vivid burnt orange that adds warmth and dimension. Truest Grey is a versatile true grey that adds a stylish final touch.


Live in serious luxury

Backdrop is a deep grey that stays true to its name, creating the perfect backdrop for a stylish living room. Tilbury Teal elevates this luxury look with its bold blue-green hue that is mesmerising in cosy interiors. While Retro Rust is the vivid burnt orange adding real depth.


Energise your home

Renew your home with colours inspired by the natural world. Renaissance is a calm, light warm green that breathes freshness. Its warm tone works well alongside Truest Grey, a versatile true grey that works beautifully with this shade to energise your living spaces.


Do business in style

Let your home office make a statement with Truest Grey from the Wild Elements collection by MODA. This versatile true grey takes control with its air of confidence, showing any interior you mean business. The warm light green of Renaissance brings fresh thinking to make any workspace more inspiring.



Kitchen confidence

Show confidence in the kitchen with Tilbury Teal and Retro Rust. With its strong blue-green hue, Tilbury Teal is a popular choice for kitchens alongside the edgy burnt orange of Retro Rust. Like a great dish, their elements are perfectly balanced to make a lasting impression.



Perfect sanctuary

Take inspiration from nature with the calm freshness of Renaissance. A warm light green from the Wild Elements collection by MODA, this colour brings harmony to deeper hues, creating that perfect sanctuary where you can while away the hours.

Download the Dulux Visualizer App and picture the natural energy of the Wild Elements collection throughout your home. MODA roller testers are also available to buy online so you can try out this luxury look in real life.

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