Explore the MODA Romance Blossoms collection


This luxury collection has a playful ambiance and is perfectly balanced to bring harmony to your home. One of five new exquisite colour palettes from MODA designed to give you complete colour confidence.


Seduce the senses

Cuspian is ideal for timeout spaces with its meditative sky blue that is perfectly balanced by warm neutral, Sweet Cashew. Touches of muted pink, warm off white and claylike tones are brought through soft accessories with Lipsync, True Fiction and Winter Truffle, creating a sweet backdrop for modern life.



Daydream in the bedroom

Pink has finally grown up with Lipsync. This sophisticated shade is a match made in heaven with True Fiction, a light and warm off white that flirts with bolder colours to create a playful ambiance. The versatile sky blue of Cuspian inspires the choice of bed linen.



Open your world to whimsical pastels

Cuspian is a refreshingly new sky blue – perfect for reading spaces, nurseries or interiors where peace and calm should prevail. Sweet Cashew is a warm neutral that transforms open plan rooms. Layer it with the earthy tones of Winter Truffle to make retreating to the living room a cosier affair.



Irresistible spaces

Follow your heart and design a captivating colour scheme with these delicate pastels. Sweet Cashew is the perfect warm neutral to begin with if you want to create a two-tone space and pairs beautifully with sky blue bed linen, inspired by Cuspian.



Download the Dulux Visualizer App and picture the whimsical beauty of the Romance Blossoms collection throughout your home. MODA roller testers are also available to buy online so you can try out this luxury look in real life.

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