It might be a room of sanitary ware, but that doesn't mean your bathroom should feel sanitised too. Give it some character with colour and transform your space into a zone for pampering, preening or unwinding. Bubble bath at the ready…

Think Pink

Bathroom colour - think pink

If you're reluctant to take your favourite shade to your wall, give your bathroom a small hit of colour by updating your fixtures and accessories. This pretty pink shade is Party Surprise 3 - pair it against Modernism to enhance its warmth and femininity even more.

Expert Tip

Painting basin stands, mirrors and towel rails with our Satinwood range will bring your scheme together seamlessly and give your room the bespoke factor. It is available in over 1,200 colours with Dulux colour mixing, in all good paint stores.

Hot and Cold

Bathroom colour - Damson

We know opposites attract, and this beautiful bathroom proves it. The cool Celestial shade (Dulux Bathrooms) on the walls maximises this space's light and airy feel, but a rich, contrasting Frosted Fig around the bath brings an element of warmth. Natural materials courtesy of a luxurious stone bath and concrete floor bring a spa-like zen to this space for ultimate bathroom bliss.

Expert Tip

If you like the look of a concrete floor but are on a budget, try similar dark floor surfaces such as natural slate tiles, update your bathroom units with pebble handles, or fix stone hooks to the wall!

Cool and Collected

Bathroom colour - Bench Blue

Calm, relaxing and serene, blue is a go-to for bathrooms. But before you dive in, think about the feeling you want to give your space.

Expert Tip

Go for muted shades such as Sea Urchin 4 and Rich Teal for a tranquil vibe like this, picking a couple of different shades to add interest and depth to the room.

Check Mate

Bathroom colour - check mate

Between the tiles and the ceiling, there's a whole world of painting opportunity if you're creative. Mirror the grid-like layout of the tiles below, blowing up the scale into a checked design, or apply a bold stripe across the walls – just keep the colours harmonious for a sophisticated scheme. This bathroom uses colours Summer Medley 3 and RichTeal, but finding other harmonious shades is easy. Pick your main colour, then find coordinated shades that sit close to it on the colour wheel.

Expert Tip

You could use three or four tones of the same colour for a more subtle look, or find ready-made palettes from our Moda collection.

Glossy Posse

Bathroom colour- purple

For a similar effect, use Javan Dawn 2 and a Purple Polka 3 gloss against a backdrop of Sweet Damson

Mellow Yellow

Bathroom colour - yellow

A shade that's often overlooked in the bathroom, yellow has lots of potential for this zone of the home if you pick the right tone. Warm, cocooning and vibrant, Tuscan Treasure 3 will greet you every morning like a ray of sunshine. And the clincher? Yellow is, in fact, very flattering for most skin tones – so you'll be looking good no matter what.

Expert Tip

Go further and hang artwork that picks out tones of your wall colour, or better yet, add a textile hanging in a coordinating shade to give a softer side to the room – it will counteract all those hard surfaces and improve the acoustics, too (so your shower-singing will sound even better).

Panel Show

Bathroom colour - tiles & teal

If painting the entire wall isn't possible, don't despair! Painting cupboard doors and the front of the bath as well as sections of the wall will result in an interesting and modern look. Painting smaller areas also means you can stray into the darker end of the spectrum with your colours, especially if you have light or white tiles. Use True Fiction & Tilbury Teal from Moda's Mineral Glow palette to get this look.

Expert Tip

Painting cupboard doors and the front of the bath as well as sections of the wall will result in an interesting and modern look.