My Colour Story

Focus on one room and totally transform it with your dream colour


Paint gets personal, as this trio of rooms reveals. Readers Sakina, Kelly and Robyn each chose a single space in their homes to decorate using their favourite colours. The results are remarkable, so be inspired by their projects and start plotting your own. 

Sakina Saidi - Bathroom Brightener


“When my husband and I started renting our flat, it was painted entirely in Magnolia, but I can’t stand plain walls! 

I love green and wanted a pastel shade in the bathroom, so when I visited the Dulux website, Tuscan Glade 3 immediately stood out.

We painted the walls in full, but felt that one block colour in a compact space with high ceilings would be overwhelming. After browsing the web for inspiration, we painted the top of the walls, the ceiling and skirting in white. This made the pastel shade pop and allowed more light to bounce around, opening up a small room.

The landlord might change it back when we leave, but for now, paint is an easy solution that added bags of personality.” 

Kelly Haseldine - Novel Nursery


“Our baby, Herbie, was long-awaited, so news of his forthcoming arrival spurred us on to buy our first home after 10 years of renting. (We moved in just seven days before he was born!) 

After seeing the light pouring through the skylight into the nursery, we thought a dark colour combined with lighter tones would create a bold yet calming scheme for Herbie to wake up to.

The softness of Warm Pewter and Mineral Mist makes for a soothing effect. As an added bonus, the colours were from the Easycare range, which is a good job as I’ve already had to wipe away stains twice!

Herbie is always relaxed in this room – we both love to cosy up in the armchair. Plus, he always looks at the feature wall, which makes us both happy.” 

Robyn Donaldson - Guestroom Gold


“One of the walls at work is painted in a rich, browny-yellow, which I love. So when it came to decorating the guest bedroom, I knew I wanted it in there, too. I managed to match the shade by using roller testers – I always start a paint job by doing a few quick and easy colour swatches on the wall.

The balanced tone of Sulphur Springs 2 is just great – it’s not too bright or dull. The ashy, green hues are luxuriously exotic, mimicking the same earthy warmth that you see in gallery period portraits.

We’re so often out and about leading busy lives that everyone should be able to return home after a long day and indulge in a cosy space. 

People shouldn’t be scared of expressing themselves boldy, either. It’s only paint!” 

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