Let’s Colour Walls of Connection in Bangkok, Thailand

Let’s Colour Walls of Connection joined forces with FORDEC (The Foundation for Rehabilitation & Development of Children and Family) to teach kids the strength of unity in diversity in Bangkok, Thailand.

Five artists & 200 children spreading the message of togetherness


Let’s Colour Walls of Connection collaborated with 5 artists who volunteered to paint a big mural and send a strong message. Together with 200 children, each of the five artists painted a part of a wall (2x3m), and their task was to paint a unique design that sends the message of unity in diversity.


A strong symbolism of the sea


All the separate drawings were connected by the sea at the bottom of the wall, and the kids could identify with a single drawing, but also feel connected to all the others thanks to the sea that connects them. This mural will remain as a permanent installation and spread the message that the ocean is big enough for us all, regardless of our origin or social status.


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