15 reasons you re happy to hibernate this winter
15 reasons you re happy to hibernate this winter

15 Reasons You're Happy to Hibernate this Winter

Hot chocolate, candles and Netflix – just three of the reasons we'll be staying indoors until spring…

Weather, do your worst. As the temperate plummets, us winter-lovers can't wait to stay at home and keep toasty. Why? For the following reasons, of course:

1. Peaking out of your blind onto the garden and… SNOW. That and the fresh, brisk winter air that comes with it.

2. The smug feeling that comes from knowing it's cold out while you're snuggled up with a hot chocolate in the living room all evening.

3. It’s finally time to spark that fireplace into action. Or just lighting candles. Everywhere. The more, the better.

4. There’s time to work through your latest cookery book and try out all those recipes you've looked longingly at but have had no time to make.

5. Making proper use of the Netflix subscription you’ve been paying for.

6. Actually utilising other handy subscription services for getting cocktails or fresh seasonal flowers delivered to your door, without leaving the cosy spot.

7. Christmas, of course! And the big family meals that come with it.

8. Saturday night telly watched from the comfort of your sofa.

9. You can finally indulge in hot toddies and mulled wine.

10. If Scandi-inspired interiors have taught us anything, it's that one can never have too much sheepskin.

11. Actually having time to read the magazine stash you’ve been building up all year.

12. And with all that time indoors, there'll be hours to while away building up your 'dream home' Pinterest board.

13. That pile of 'things to mend/alter/customise' will finally get the attention they deserve. Get out the needle and thread.

14. Of course, hibernating indoors means saving a fortune on travel. That's our excuse, anyway.

15. Not that we'd wish winter away, but it's never too early to start planning your next summer holiday. What winter blues?

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