Take inspiration from Claude Monet with a daring orange colour scheme. Citrus shades like coral or tangerine add instant vibrancy, while more muted hues like pumpkin evoke warmth.

Be inspired by Impressionist orange

Mix orange with shades of blue for an Impressionist-inspired scheme.

The nineteenth century was not only a hotbed of technical innovations, it also marked the revolution of paint colours. For the very first time, artists had the use of pure ‘chrome’ pigments, which allowed them to capture the vibrant colours of nature. Chrome Orange, for example, became a radical staple in the paintings of the Impressionists who filled their canvases with bold contrasting pigments to create a joyful sense of life. Claude Monet's ‘Impression Sunrise’ is considered the very first Impressionist work and is famous for its glowing red-orange sun in the middle of a deep blue sky.

If Monet's daring use of orange takes your fancy, why not add a dash of this spicy hue to your own colour scheme? A vibrant, citrus shade like coral or tangerine will add instant vibrancy, while a deeper, more muted hue like pumpkin or mahogany will evoke a sense of warmth. If you love orange but don't want to dominate the space, try adding orange accents through soft furnishings and accessories. Orange looks best when paired with contrasting hues, like blue and greens, but can also take on a dynamic look when colour blocked with similarly bright colours, like grapefruit and juicy berry.