Colour ideas and decorating ideas for enhancing natural light in a windowless bathroom.

Enhance your bathroom’s natural light

Banish bathroom darkness with a crisp colour scheme.

Crisp, bright colours are your secret weapon when it comes to faking natural light in a dark bathroom. Steer clear of the darker end of the colour spectrum; instead, paint your walls pale versions of warm colours, like buttercup yellow, pink and seaside shades of aqua blue. When it comes to painting your woodwork and ceiling, choose a colour two or three shades lighter than your walls. As well as defining the space and offering visual contrast, this will draw the eye away from dark corners.

Lighting also plays a big part. Position warm lighting with a dimmer switch over the sink and shower to make warm tones sparkle. Want to make an instant update? You can’t go wrong with a large mirror over your sink – this will do wonders with helping to soften artificial light.