Decorating ideas and colour schemes to make a small bathroom feel bigger.

Small bathroom? Bring it to life with colour

Transform your bathroom from small to spacious with aquatic shades.

Contrary to popular belief, small spaces love bright colours. The secret is to choose crisp shades that reflect light rather than absorb it, like aquamarine, teal and sea green. These shades will not only help to reflect the bathroom’s natural light, they’ll also help to bounce artificial light around the room and soften shadows. Make a splash with a dramatic feature wall or paint your cabinets or shelving in bright hues to draw the eye away from cramped areas and create striking focal points.

Offset the bright colours with a palette of cool neutrals, like pure white, slate and dove grey, to further intensify the clean lines of your bathroom. Make your small space work harder by reducing as much clutter from the floor and surfaces as you can. If you don’t have built-in cabinets, stackable storage containers with lids, wicker baskets and ladders with plenty of hanging space are all inexpensive ways to keep clutter at bay.