Add sizzle and spice to your kitchen with a colour scheme inspired by the luscious tones of fresh produce.

Cook up a kitchen feast with delectable hues

Indulge your inner foodie with a colour palette of sumptuous hues.

Whether your heart beats wildly at the sight of citrus shades or you feel instantly calmed in the presence of plum red, a bold wash of colour throughout your kitchen is a sure-fire way to satisfy the senses. Get creative by painting unexpected nooks in vivid brights, or go all out with fabulous feature walls dressed in colours inspired by the luscious tones of fresh produce, such as warm beetroot, raspberry, plum red and leafy greens like basil and mint.

In fact, studies have shown that shades of red, orange and yellow stimulate the senses – just imagine the gastronomic masterpieces you could whip up while surrounded by hues of juicy berry!