Painting a gender-neutral nursery? Create a versatile space with soft colours and stylish accessories.

Decorate a gender-neutral nursery

Create a versatile space with neutrals and stylish accessories.

It’s no surprise that children’s imaginations are stimulated most when surrounded by vibrant, invigorating colours. But practicality should play a part when painting your child’s room, too. For a decorating scheme that suits both boys and girls and won’t outgrow your child, choose peaceful neutrals for the walls, like a shade of soothing grey-green or a warm stone.

Your neutral base gives you endless opportunities to play around with colour. Try a feature wall decked out in muted pastel stripes or stimulate their senses with wallpaper, stencils or a pin-up board decorated with photographs and artwork. Add texture with patterned fabrics and textiles, such as a natural sisal rug, gingham cushions and a snug nursing chair. Patterned surfaces are perfect for nurseries as they help to hide inevitable stains and scuff marks, not to mention little handprints!