From barely there to intensely bright, pink can be subtle or powerful. Soft pinks are perfect for decorating bedrooms while hot pink is the perfect hue for creating an eye-catching feature wall.

Express yourself with perfectly pretty pink

This colour can be pale or powerful. What’s your style?

From pale blush to the deepest magenta, pink is a more versatile colour than you might imagine. While there’s no doubt that soft, floral pinks are feminine and pretty (perfect for a romantic bedroom), why not consider a stronger pink if you’re looking for a more eye-catching scheme? Shocking pink, for example, makes a great accent colour or feature wall in a living room.

In interiors, the use of pink can convey playfulness and frivolity or romance and tenderness. Shades of pink make a sophisticated combination when combined with black, charcoal or deep navy. Keep pink fresh and clean by teaming it with plenty of white or create an urban feel by pairing your favourite pink hue with dove grey. If you love being surrounded by vibrant colour, you could even go for a dramatic look by adding turquoise, purple or gold.