Indulge your inner artist with a sunny yellow colour scheme inspired by Van Gogh.

Dazzle the senses with bright yellow

Blend brilliantly bright shades of yellow for a creative look.

Celebrated painter Vincent Van Gogh was fanatical about yellow. The vibrant colour dominates many of his most famous paintings and even inspired him to write letters to friends exclaiming, “How beautiful yellow is!” Of course, he was right; yellow is one of the most joyful and stimulating colours and when used in a decorating scheme, the results can be spectacular.

In Van Gogh’s paintings the colours seem bright because of clever use of contrast. You can apply this same rule to your home by using lively yellows as accent hues and saving soft muted tones, such as mustard or straw, for background walls. For a dramatic contrast – think Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ – you could try adding a dollop of golden yellow to a white and blue colour scheme.