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Moda colour palettes – get the designer look in your home

Use the Moda colour palettes to create the ultimate look for your home

We’ve all experienced a personal colour ‘eureka’ moment. Perhaps it was when you saw that beautifully designed interiors store or dined at a trendy new restaurant where the interior had a look that matched your exact personal taste! We all have a designer within and our homes are the perfect backdrop to express this.

The new Moda range, exclusive to Dulux, now makes it easier than ever to achieve that ‘WOW’ look, with 5 bespoke colour palettes delivering different design styles for your home. From glamourous to contemporary, each palette has a distinct look and feel, all you have to do to create the ultimate look is to apply the suggested colours across walls, furniture and soft furnishings.

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Moda Mineral Glow
Moda Mineral Glow