Image of bathroom with Moon Sand
Add a splash of colour to your bathroom

A quick and easy weekend job for your bathroom

Your bathroom is usually the smallest room in your home and often it can be hard to give it a feeling of space. The right colour choice can help you to not only liven up your bathroom but also make it feel bigger.

Easycare Bathrooms Palette; Wild Eden, Celestial, Morning Air, Savon Grey, Nordic Breeze, Moon Sand, Raw Silk, Jasmine White, Iced White

Bathrooms are traditionally painted white, but adding a touch of green or blue, such as Celestial or Nordic Breeze can instantly turn this room into a more modern and tranquil zone.

Celestial and Quill

You can keep a sense of harmony throughout the space by sticking to one or two colours. A neutral such as Moon Sand or Savon Grey goes well with most bathroom accessories and as they are cool, receding colours, they help add space where there is none.

Moon Sand an Heathland

The Easycare Bathrooms range is moisture and mildew resistant, it covers well and is washable and our Easycare Satinwood range is designed for wood and metal, so it can be used to paint the side of a cast iron tub. 

Iced White and Wild Eden
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