Child's bedroom in County Blue, Primrose Yellow and Black
The more colourful and fun, the better

Colour your child’s bedroom with imagination

Painting your child’s room can be fun for both you and them. Here’s some top tips to help you to create a perfect space for your little one in no time.

Easycare Kids' Palette; Stork Feather, County Blue, Delicate Pink, Rainbow Dash, First Cuddle and Pretty Pink

Painting your child's room

    1. Choose a scheme not a theme Children grow in and out of fads and phases quickly. So, think twice before you add stickers or paint characters on your child’s wall. Choose a colour scheme that they will enjoy as they grow. First Cuddle is a great choice to start with.

    2. Picture this You can add something a bit different with a mural. For example, a skyline image can be created easily with low tack masking tape, using black paint as a silhouette and County Blue for the evening sky. 

    3. Colour between the lines Skirting and trim is a great place to add a little colour. Pretty Pink mixed in Diamond Satinwood is a perfect match with First Cuddle

    4. Create more space Did you know that warm colours advance, and cooler colours recede? If you want the effect of a higher ceiling, opt for Easycare shades such as Calm Cloud or Dapple Grey. These cooler colours will make your interior feel more spacious.

    5. Get an expert opinion Remember your child is the expert when it comes to what they like. Get them involved in the process, sample the colours together and more importantly enjoy the experience! 

    The Easycare Kids range is stain repellent and washable, so it’s the perfect paint for a child’s bedroom, where mess and spills are pretty likely to happen.

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