home office image with Papyrus and Faded Indigo

Bring colour to your workday

Now that more and more people are working from home, the home office is becoming an important space within the house. The office is a space that needs to help us to concentrate and be creative. Productivity is something we all crave from our workspace and certain colours can have an impact on how we perform.

Home office images in Pure Brilliant White, Fershwater Pearl, Modernism, Denim Drift

Optimise your office with our contemporary Easycare range

Dulux Easycare colours like Modernism, Papyrus and Freshwater Pearl inject a feeling of calm to an office space. While adding zones of colour such as Faded Indigo can enliven the space, bringing a fresh, functional, and contemporary vibe. 

Dulux Easycare range is specially formulated for high traffic areas and is stain repellent and washable, so perfect for a busy home office.

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