Image of a doorway in Jamie Blue and Pebble Shore
A ‘how-to’ guide for painting your doorways

Breathe new life into a room with your doorways

Most interior doors are opened and closed numerous times throughout the day, so they can sometimes need a little extra attention. You can give your whole room a make-over by following these simple steps and updating your door:

Image of a doorway in Heathland and Silverwood

Painting your doorway:

Step 1: Remove all knobs and handles. Protect the hinges, glass and floors with masking tape and sheets.

Step 2: Wash your doors with sugar soap or a strong detergent solution and wipe them with a damp cloth.

Step 3: Sand your dry door with fine paper (you can skip this step if you have melamine or high gloss surfaces). Fill imperfections with a good quality ready mixed filler and sand again.

Image of a doorway Rich Teal and Pebble Shore

Painting your doorway:

Step 4: Apply a wood primer using a small roller depending on the surface. 

Step 5: Paint your door in your chosen colour, Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood is the ideal paint for this. Water based and quick drying it will leave a finish with a subtle sheen that’s easy to clean and touch-up. 

Step 6: When the second coat is completely dry, carefully remove the masking tape, put the knobs, and handles back on and admire your new door.

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