Weathershield Terrace Row
Weathershield Terrace Row

Smarten up Your Home's Exterior

Dulux's best ways to give the exterior of your home a makeover.

It's the first thing that welcomes you home each day, so don’t overlook the difference a bit of TLC for the outside of your home can make!

And if you're selling your home, it's even more important to make sure the outside is in tip-top condition, as a new study by Weathershield has found that adding a lick of paint to the exterior of your home can increase the perceived value of your home by up to 23%.

A tired-looking exterior can be a bugbear, with a front door in need of paint a real pet hate when it comes to the outside of our homes (followed closely by crumbling masonry and cracked walls).

So, if you only do one thing to smarten up your home on the outside, we’d recommend you give your front door and window sills a fresh coat of paint.

And as for the colour – say go wild and pick whatever colour takes your fancy, a combination of colours is a top tip for achieving a great look! With the Dulux Weathershield range you will find colours broken into trios, with 3 different complimentary colours across walls, plinth & sills working together to enhance the best features of your house.

A crowd-pleasing shade is almost always a white or cream while greens and greys are now very on trend, so take your pick. There are over 400+ colours available through Dulux Weathershield colour mixing too!

For more info and colour schemes check out or watch our step-by-step video guide on How To Paint Your Doors and Windows.