Want to create a colour scheme that’s high on drama and suspense? Pair striking teal with orange. Discover why these two paint colours work so wonderfully together.

Starring… teal and orange

For a blockbuster finish, pair striking teal with orange.

Next time you watch a modern Hollywood film, be on the lookout for excessive amounts of orange and teal. Why? Because flesh tones are in the orange spectrum, and one of orange’s complementary shades just happens to be teal. The theory is that by using a blue-based colour for the background, the actors’ faces will ‘pop’ out of the screen.

This effect is easy to emulate in your own home. Simply choose your base wall colour (it’s best to choose a subdued shade of teal or orange, such as terracotta or a pale peacock hue) and add pops of accent hues in your complementary shade.