Tinsel HERO
Tinsel HERO

The Comeback: Lametta Tinsel

Surely the most controversial of all Christmas decorations, tinsel is back in town.

Time was, tinsel was considered, well, naff. Resigned to the 99c bin of Christmas decorations. Tacky.

Never has a Christmas decoration sparked so much debate. While most declared they’d never let tinsel within six feet of their six-footer, there’s always been something secretly alluring about tinsel and its gloriously kitsch appearance, conjuring up wonky, unashamedly over-the-top Christmas trees of junior schools, Santa’s grottos, Christmas fetes and elderly relatives’ homes.

Well, your inner tinsel-loving child can now rejoice, for this sparky wonder is finally being given the recognition it deserves. Blame it on the vintage revival and the interior world’s fascination for all things mid-century, but over the past few festive seasons there’s been a noticeable return to kitsch glass baubles and 1950s glitz on our trees. Of course, we’re not talking any old type of tinsel, we’re talking about lametta tinsel. Popular from the 1940s right through to the 1960s, lametta refers to very fine strands of tinsel, designed to be strewn over branches of trees. As delicate as shimmering icicles yet as joyful to look at as a sugar-plum fairy, we can see why this glittering and glamorous addition to the tree has become so popular once again. Pick one colour of go for a melange of colours and metallics, however you choose to tinsel-up your home, one thing’s for sure – you won’t be able to keep that smile from your face for long, however much you pretend tinsel’s not your ‘thing’.

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