Unseen Space - Pendant spotlight
Unseen Spaces - Pendant spotlight

Trick to Try: Unseen Spaces

Thought neutrals were boring? This trend proves that they're anything but

Not content with creating beautiful and directional colour trends, we're also hard at work creating new and exciting ways for you to apply them to your home too. One of our directions for 2015 is Unseen Spaces. It's about harnessing overlooked areas of the home in interesting and unusual ways with sophisticated, natural colour choices.

Here are two smart updates that'll make you look again at those forgotten zones of your living space:

Pendant spotlight

Make a feature of your lighting and frame it with a shape of colour on the wall behind. Pick a colour a few tones darker than the shade of your pendant and wall colour to maximise the effect. We've used Signature Collection Subtle Shadow and Mid shadow for a subtle, graphic look that taps into the current trend for all things geometry. But you don't have to stop at circles. Experiment with framing your lighting with other geometric shapes; squares, triangles, polygons… whatever takes you and your ruler's fancy.

Offset Window

Draw attention to your windows and amplify light by painting an offset square over your window frame. Giving the effect of a patch of sunlight through an opposite window, the trick is to take the square over the window frame itself, the ledge and onto the wall. Super Split makes like a ray of sunshine against a backdrop of Lullaby Cream in a small kids room – a clever way to make your windows look twice their actual size.

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