What Does Your Front Door Say About You?

Not all door colours are equal – we reveal the shade that gives off the happiest vibes.

What’s your immediate reaction when you spot a front door painted in a surprisingly bright shade? If you’re anything like us, it’d probably make you smile, but it might also make you wonder about the people who live behind it – are they bright, happy-go-lucky types? Creatives? Would they be fun neighbours? This gut-reaction isn’t so surprising when you look at the results of a recent Weathershield survey.

So, which colour to pick? And more importantly, what message is it sending out?

People with pink front doors are thought of as the most out-going and mischievous, whereas people with lilac front doors are believed to be the most creative. Cream is most associated with a peaceful home, whilst people with yellow front doors are believed to be the happiest and most welcoming hosts.

And the other colours? See if your front door matches your personality:

Navy blue was associated with intelligence.

Black was believed to be the colour chosen by those who are the most mysterious.

Red was associated with passionate homeowners.

Grey was associated with sincerity.

So perhaps it's time for a repaint…