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5 great wood panelling design ideas for your home
A great choice for any interior and particularly suited to modern homes, wood panelling is ideal if you want an air of sophistication. It can be contemporary, minimal or transitional depending on the colour, adding high drama or subtle charm. Wood panelling is a new trend in Irish homes that looks set to stay. Here are five great ways that this versatile interior design solution can makeover your home. If you want this decorative feature to look truly authentic, hire a carpenter to get the benefit of professional craftsmanship.


1.     Panelling can enliven rooms that lack character.


Denim Drift brings a stately elegance to the backdrop for a living room. Remember you only achieve the desired effect when you paint the entire wall and skirting the same colour and finish.  

Want a colour that reflects your style? With a variety of woodwork finishes available, your local paint specialist will advise you on the right one for a beautiful statement that will stand the test of time.

Dulux Panelling

2.     Uneven walls can be made to disappear with wood panelling, making it particularly useful in older houses.


The wood, which can vary in thickness, height and design, is fitted at the base of the internal wall and can cover it entirely depending on the look you want to achieve.

Pale Peacock featured on vertical wall panelling makes this bedroom stand out and hides the texture and appearance of the walls underneath. Mix and match colours easily. Dreamy Truffle and Ballet Pump prove perfect partners in this bedroom scene. Order roller testers from dulux.ie to judge them yourself. 

Dulux Panelling

3.     If you have large rooms that always feel cold, wood panelling can provide additional insulation.


Enjoy more comfortable living spaces by using this inventive design idea to help your interiors retain heat better. You can panel the lower section of all four walls or each individual wall from ceiling to floor. 

Dulux Panelling

4.     Got small interiors and want them to seem big? Tongue-and-groove timber panels laid horizontally on your walls will create the illusion of a wider room.


Whether you have a bedroom that you want to open up or a lounge in need of a new look, horizontal timber panelling works for virtually any space.


5.     One easy way to bring a new level of style to your kitchen is by making wood panels part of your kitchen backsplash.


Perfect for above a low tile, they add depth, help protect your walls and are easy to clean. You can even extend the panelling to the ceiling if you have no cupboards at eye level getting in the way.

Think about what style of panelling best suits your home before you begin. Sleek panelling can be right at home with clean lines and contemporary fixtures. Explore our elegant colours perfect for this decorative feature in our online Colour Guide.

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